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For “America in a Trance” I am investigating and respond as I travel through towns and cities across the state of Pennsylvania, a once prosperous and vibrant region, where the notion of small town values and sustainable small businesses thrived under the sheltering wings of American Industry. A mode to promote American values, industrialism provided a place where immigrants from tattered European countries crossed the Atlantic for a better future. An immigrant and naturalized citizen myself, I have always perceived the U.S. differently, mostly from the big screen experience and the adventures of “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man”. Traveling across Pennsylvania, I imagine these towns as vibrant communities looking towards the hot stacks and brick factories. A past where prosperity was possible on the local scale and the streets and storefronts were bustling. The bitter irony of towns once so self-sufficient, which contributed to the bottom line of American industrial empire lay in rust, turned into casinos, tourist destinations, or simply left to go forgotten with the exception of the hearty locals that soldier on. This project is an ongoing observation of the fading American dream so typified in the northeastern Pennsylvania landscape but widespread across the United States. My subject choice derives from intuition and desire to explore the unknown and rediscover the familiar. Through form, light, and color, I let my work develop organically, and become commentary both of place but also of self. I search for images that reflect, question, and interpret life in the towns and cities across Pennsylvania, and the yearning for survival and cultural perseverance. I am interested in the vernacular and the inconsequential. Through my photographs I seek to visualize the core values of American society, while at the same time reevaluate my own.